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Since the dawn of time humankind has tried to answer but a single question: What Is The Citizen Kane of Video Games??

Chapter Select


You have a 5 minute selection of the film, recreate this as a videogame however you wish, eg, using fungus, first person or 2d adventure.

Marks will be given:

- Implementation
- Creative reinterpretation
- Incorporating animation
- Having an interesting interaction

You will pass if you upload something playable.

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Really badly done citizen kane game.
A short playable of a scene from Citizen Kane (Currently unfinished)
‚ÄčOne scene from the film "Citizen Kane" as an interactive narrative game.
The ending scene of Citizen Kane... In a Citizen Game
Kitizen Cane
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Can you find the (easily found) hidden dragables? "Chapter Select Menu"
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1 hour and 44 mins into the classic film Citizen Kane
Mr. Kane! A letter!
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Save the Inquirer with Charles Foster Kane!
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A brief excerpt of Citizen Kane.
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A short game based on a scene from the film Citizen Kane.
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