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Welcome, one and all, to The Bagel Jam! This is a game jam to expand upon the multi-award winning game Five Miles to Mum's created by Crows Crows Crows.


 5 Miles to Mum's is a video game that was created within 3 minutes in 2015 by Dominik Johann and William Pugh. In the game, you must safely transport a bagel that you have purchased from a local bakery to your mum, who is five miles away from your starting location. 5 Miles to Mum's was published by Devolver Digital and received an honourable mention at the Independent Games Festival for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Take a quick peek at the trailer if you've never heard of this game:

And if you have yet to play the game, what are you waiting for? Head on over to to check it out! 


 The goal of The Bagel Jam is to inspire creativity in others from the most unlikely of places while providing a non-competitive, safe place for people to share their weird and fun creations. Our end goal is to have a collection of community made games, songs, literature, and other forms of artistic expression that connect us together during these trying times. This jam is purposely designed to be anti-crunch and to allow creators to work on their projects in their free time, which is why we have done away with the rankings, scoring, prizes, and other more common game jam elements. Our hope is that in the end this jam will be a fun, creative experience for all involved, and that participants enjoy the work they create.



Participation in The Bagel Jam is (hopefully) very simple: create something based off of the multi-award winning game 5 Miles to Mum's. Now, this may not make sense at first so we have broken the core concept of this magnificent game into its resolute parts. 

 Parts of Five Miles to Mum's:

 People, People Wanting Bagels, People Holding Bagels, People Wanting Bagels From The People Holding Bagels, Mums, A long Distance, 5, Mysterious Pastry Shops, Walking

 If you can create something including one or more of the above themes, then

 You have everything it takes to participate in The Bagel Jam! You can create a game where you sell bagels at a poorly rendered pastry shop, or perhaps you'll write a fun song from the bagel's perspective. It doesn't matter how high quality your production is, or even if its a fully thought out concept, as long as it is something cool that you made! 

Over the next 2? months, you can make your submissions to the jam and maybe check out the CrowsCrowsCrows Discord Server to hang out with more cool people! 

Also, if you want to use the original art assets or voice lines, they have been helpfully compiled here for you by grilledcheems.


Bonus Challenge!

 Want a little more challenge? A little more risk? A little more...stress? 

If you think you can, why not try to make your own game in 3 minutes?


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A wallpaper and 5 paintings for the Sims 4.
Color! Activities! Don't print without a parent or guardian's permission!
5 small games for Playdate
​bagel bagel bagel bagel bagel bagel bagel bagel bagel bagel bagel bagel bagel bagel
You are bringing a bagel to your mother.
Play in browser
Small game about picking some trash in the woods
A game were you control a bagel through waves of many hungry demons wanting to eat him up
A High Stakes Rollercoaster Bagel Theft Thriller
Interactive Fiction
A Monsterhearts 2 supplement location
A system-agnostic mini campaign setting set in a pocket dimension of pasty shenanigans
Eat your way through Kyoto investigating a mystery bagel burglar.