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First of all! this jam is just for fun! Just for you to try to do something!

So you can't draw, or you think your art sucks for some reason, but you still want to make a visual novel? Then this is the perfect game jam for you! 

A theme for the story: Transformation! You can interpret the theme and make the story any way you want as long as the theme is involved in some way.


  • The art must be made by you or by someone who is on your team. That includes: Drawings of the Character and background. music, sound efects.  I know it might seem difficult to create music and sound effects from scratch especially if you don't know how, but here at there are loads of simple programs for this kind of stuff.
  • No good art allowed! But try your best to do something interesting and unique!
  • You can use any game engine to make it, but the one I will suggest is Renpy because it's free.
  • No sexual content allowed!
  • Have fun making it!


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While struggling to keep his business afloat, an airboat skipper contends with a swamp witch's curse.
Visual Novel
Sports Anime meets Dating Sim! Checkmate their kings... and their hearts?
Visual Novel
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Short demo for a visual novel where you have to decide which club to join and make romance along the way
Visual Novel
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A visual novel of self discovery
Visual Novel
Made for the Bad Art Visual Novel Jam
Visual Novel