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The Americas (South America, Central America, and North America ) Jam : 

This jam its reserved for people from the Americas, this jam its for we can see and found nice unity developers from this side of the planet, its for fun only and for have some new stuff well made into our portfolios.

Be part of our 1st JAM of The Americas and access now to our discord  , we will be there supporting the jam as much we can.
The judges will be full neutral and they would have their own personal opinion, anyways remember its just for fun and there is no game winners just nice game devs. 

Wanna join to the best jam of the Americas ?

Only skilled developers that use unity are welcome, we want to be proud to join them in this nice space for you all can bright and give us something cool for play ,  we want this be the best of the jams so we expect that much, we want to be proud of have nice developers following us and showing their skills and try to give and share audience between us .

The Americas (South America ,Central America and North America ) Jam, its reserved for people from the Americas if you are not from americas and you dont live on any country on the Americas please wait till we expand us or contact us for support your area. 


-  ONLY UNITY as Game Engine, We expect the last version you can get 2019 and up. 
-The game have to be fun for the judges!.
- Respect itchio rules (if there is any)
 - Dont hate, do it with love and passion. 
-You are free to use any plugin paid or free if you have any, here is not balance and we expect some challenge of cool and skilled devs. 
-All the games are at your own will, you are free to pickup the ideas the assets all thats dosnt break any copyright it can be used. 
-Games for adults are not accepted.
-Remember the time limit ,  we dont accept late or unfinished proyects that cant run or any of the ones who dont have the enough Entretainment to be shown.

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Potential Driver Isometric Racing Game Demo.
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