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Best practices? PFSH

Cram that game in there in the 1-Class Jam. Write whole games in a single class - how far can you go?

In a jam about breaking the rules, there are quite a few:

  1. You are allowed to use any editors, engines or libs, BUT:
    1. All game logic must exist within a single class called "Game" (or equivalent)
    2. There can be no subclasses, structs etc
    3. The only other classes outside of the "Game" class you can use are the ones provided natively by your engine/API. If you need to write it, it needs to be inside the "Game" class
  2. You must publish the source (so no one will ever hire you later)
    1. It's a single file, so you can post even just that one
  3. You are allowed to feel dirty about it
    1. You are also allowed to feel secretly good about it

Bonus achievements:

  1. Multiple games in a single source file
  2. Your code is actually readable
  3. Your code is COMPLETELY unintelligible (but functional)
  4. Things actually make some sense
  5. You feel no shame in the result
    1. This can be either because you're completely shameless or because you're actually proud


  • Why the hell are you doing this?!
    • It come straight down from a joke in this twitter thread. The more I think about it, the more it seems that something like this would be an interesting puzzle to piece together.
  • Have you no shame?
    • No.
  • Do you usually code like this?
    • I hope no one does. (unless it works flawlessly within your team/scope and it's completely maintainable, which I find unlikely, but hey, stranger things have happened!)


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A deep commentary on social media.
A Jam game about keeping a railway going with one train
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A simple 1 vs 1 multiplayer card game
Simple snake game made in 3h for The 1 Class Jam.
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Break that sh*t!
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A simple shmup contained in a single class.
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1 Class Game Jam entry.
1 class shooter game, with just one source code, without any asset file. made for the 1 class jam.
A 2D infinite runner set in the Wild West.
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How many times can you dodge the shapes!?
Hey You! Let's Sword Fight!
Card Game
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Game made for the 1ClassJam. Try to get into the best place in heaven by passing the pizza cat seed making test!
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Project for 1ClassJam