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The Thankful Jam is a slow jam during November that asks people to make thankful games.

Thankful games can be many things. Think about things you are thankful for that you can make a game about - an experience you had, skateboards, friendship, sci-fi novels, anything. The game doesn't have to be about thankfulness (though it can be if you want!), but we hope that making a game about something you're thankful for leads to something positive.

In addition to the overarching "thankful" theme, this year's theme is "unexpected".

Some synonyms: not expected, unforseen, surprising, sudden, unanticipated

Originally the intent was to announce two constraints, but after much reflection one additional thematic element seemed like enough of an inspiration/burden.

Participants are encouraged to limit their work time to 30 hours, or an average of 2 hours per day. You can do it as a slow jam or spend a traditional jam weekend working on your game if you prefer to participate that way.


  • Games must adhere to the theme and constraints
  • Games must be submitted via by the deadline to be considered for voting
  • All game engines/platforms allowed
  • Teams of all sizes ok
  • Store assets are ok!
  • 30 hours maximum of work per person encouraged
  • No hate speech

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