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Join me this March of 2022 to create a silly TTRPG or silly TTRPG related content—hex crawls and paper miniatures are totally welcome!

I am hosting this jam because March is the month I was born and what better way to celebrate than by encouraging others to join me in creating goofy TTRPGs or TTRPG related content.

I am keeping the theme pretty open—this jam is for creating something fun and silly, but here are some ideas to help you get started. 


  • Getting older
  • Pisces Astrological sign
  • Aries Astrological sign
  • Spring Equinox (or Fall Equinox, for you Southern Hemisphere folks)
  • Animals birthing tiny animals
  • Farm simulator
  • Being called Ma'am or Sir
  • Eggs


  1. No bigotry tolerated—no sexism, no homophobia, no transphobia, no racism, no ableism.
  2. Analogue games only.
  3. Please consider charging money for your work. Yes, this is a jam, but your work has value!
  4. Please provide a few community copies. I'll let you decide how many a few is.
  5. Content should be created during the jam.
  6. Have fun.

The name Thank You Ma'am Jam came to me after getting ma'am'd at the grocery store by a young employee. Given I am indeed getting older, sure, why not embrace that I have entered the ma'am phase of my life, even if being called ma'am doesn't exactly vibe with my gender.


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A GMless 2-player game about growing up and apart.
A one page goat tower.
In a school of monsters, will you make lasting friendships or bitter enemies?
A Game of Backstabbing Fae Politics
It's time for you to take charge and keep the school from descending into chaos in your agency's absence!
The suave and dastartly villain known as Earl Grey has struck again! Can you stop him?
A Solo Homesteading Adventure
A TTRPG mini-adventure set outside the dungeon
Aliens are invading the sleepy, small town of Plainville, IN and only a group of 80’s teen stereotypes can stop them.
A party game ready to take you to space.
Find EGG, explore, make friends, or don't but stay for tea.
A 3d6D hack about decadent heroes
a rpg about aging adventurers
A very simple game about passing the luck around.
A rules-light TTRPG supplement about two strange fellows and their farm.
Can you navigate spooky shadows and scary noises to make it to the bathroom in the middle of the night?
A tiny RPG on a bookmark.