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Trans Game Dev Presents

The Totally Terrifying Trans Game Jam 2022!

The Totally Terrifying Trans Game Jam 2022 is kicking off soon! This is a 17-day jam hosted by the Trans Game Dev server, an event where we celebrate the diverse and talented group of wonderful folks who make up our community!

The theme is:


The jam is running from October 13th 12:00 pm to October 30th 17:00 pm (GMT)

Important bits

How long should I work on a submission?

We're leaving submissions open for 17 days, however, we don't recommend you work on the project for this long. We suggest you spend between 2 and 7 days on the project and greatly discourage crunch. If you need extra time, just let us know!

Can I work in a team?

Of course! You can go solo or work in a team If you need help finding a group check out the #jam-looking-for-group and #jam-group-looking-for channels. Once you have a team, we can create a super secret server channel for just you and your squad!
We are happy to sort folks into teams if you don't feel comfortable forming your own - just let Hugo or Quirky know

What can I submit?

Anything you feel like making! So long as you have fun with it and it relates to the theme, you can create anything from music to tabletop systems to fully fleshed-out games

I need help with a submission!

Use the #game-jam-general channel on our Discord during the submission window to request assistance! Alternatively, contact one of the community organisers & they'll point you to the person with the answers

Can I submit using an alias?

Feel free to create an anonymous Itch profile to submit the project. We will ask for your Discord name when you submit, but it'll just be visible to the organizers

Thanks for checking out the page! Remember to visit for a server invite if you want to invite friends

Need help? Check out the Game Jam Discord channels or DM a Community Organizer :)


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Fading Magic, Family Horror, and Crumbling into Dirt
A paranormal photography game​