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Welcome to the Text-Based Game jam! This jam encourages game developers to create Text-Based games of any theme! From Twine games to Interactive Fiction, from an RPG to a Horror, we accept any game that is Text-Based and uses ASCII art! At the end of the jam, each game will be voted on by three judges.


If you have any questions, want to find a team, or just want to chat with your fellow jammers, join the jam's discord HERE!

Also, use the twitter hashtag #TextGameJam2020.


This jam lasts from the 14th of April to the 28th of April, lasting a full two weeks. The judging period will last three days until the 1st of May. Then the winners will be announced!


Once again, your game can be about anything you want. You can use any tool, make it into any format, and for any OS. The only rule is that your game must be Text-Based and the graphics must be limited to ASCII art (Art made with symbols from your keyboard). When the jam ends, three judges will rank each game and declare the winner.  Please join the discord server HERE if you want any more info. Your game will be judged by its Gameplay, Originality, Fun,  how it uses ASCII art, how it uses the Optional Themes, and if it was made during the timeframe. 


I am introducing four optional themes. These themes are completely optional and you do not have to adhere to them, BUT games that use these themes have a higher chance of winning the jam. When you submit your game, if it follows any of these themes, make sure you say so on the game page. Thanks and good luck jamming!

- You are Alone...
- Alternate Reality...
- Being Watched...
- An Unusual Quest...


1. Your game can have any theme and you can use anything to make it.

2. Your game should be original but you can take inspiration from other games.

3. Your game should be Text-Based. Its graphics should be limited to ASCII art. However, the game cover can be anything you want.

4. Games that do not follow these rules will be removed.

And that's it! I hope I'm going to see some really amazing text games!


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Text-based Cyberpunk game. Plays like Rock-Paper-Scissors.
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Explore the ASCII world of Dyle in this hard-as-nails platformer
Cyberpunk mech combat. Plays like Rock-Paper-Scissors.
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Become a Spy. Protect the Motherland.
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A short text based game
Visual Novel
A surrealist text-based walking simulator
Interactive Fiction
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meow rpg game
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Just a walk down the road less traveled...
Interactive Fiction