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What is this jam about? 

Take a board game you love. Take something that inspires you about it and turn it into a ttrpg or video game. 


  • You own the rights to everything you use in your game. No stolen assets, please. 
    • Don't steal the art assets or copyrighted material from the board game you chose. We're taking inspiration, not making unauthorized versions.
  • Any bigoted games or games espousing bigoted ideas will be deleted.
  • No AI art or writing. Let's do our own work here. 
  • Charge for your work! Your time and your skills are valuable. If you want to make community copies available, however, I absolutely support that.


If you haven't participated in a jam with diversifiers before, they're basically an extra challenge for you during creation. They are NOT required for submission, but are just fun extras. Feel free to use as few or as many as you would like. 

1) Birthdays

Someone is having a birthday! Or maybe there's just cake in general. 

2) Piano Concertos

Maybe a character plays piano. Perhaps you include a recommended playlist of Prokofiev or Shostakovich. Or your video game includes piano on the soundtrack.

3) Redheads

There is at least one red-headed character in the game. 

4) Science

One character loves science. Or maybe the game you choose is something like Genotype or For Science! that innately deals with science. Science is here, basically. Extra super bonus points if it's about microbiology. Negative a million points and immediate deletion if it deals with eugenics (see Rules above). 

What I'll Do

  • Create a library for all Terraforming Dragons games on my itch page and share your games.
  • If you tag me on twitteror dicecamp/mastodon when you create the game, I will retweet it.
  • I'll read and review as many of your games as I can!

Those Diversifiers Seem Random...

So here's the real reason for this jam. My partner's birthday is coming up and he doesn't want me to buy or make him a present. So instead, I'm running a game jam for him. I may not be able to make him a present, but there's nothing stopping YOU from making something inspired by things he loves that I will then show him (and honestly buy for him) as a present. 

Let's get designing! 

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A coming-of-age romp-around-the-galaxy for 1-5 fledgling voyagers.
A hack of Clue/Cluedo about getting away with murder.
A GM-less 2-3 person TTRPG about working at a bar in the 1980s and having a front seat to all the drama that unfolds