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You've seen them in all kinds of movies, background terminal displays appear to animate and add some depth to the movie. From the matrix falling letters, to star trek LCARS, to star wars generic tie fighter radar when Luke is shooting at the approaching tie fighters, a Linux desktop showing police images on a database, to the 80's tardis displays I swear was generated by an atari 800.. the list can go on and on.

Purpose is to hone your animation skills using your favorite product - adobe premiere, gimp/wanimation, blender animation, toonboom studio, etc.

Your task is simple, create an animation, gif, etc that would fit nicely into any movie, retro to current. Think of your favorite movie and theme it around that, as if the director wants your image in it. Don't just cut and paste a MAC desktop and add an animation, we would want to see a little thought put into it.

Licensing would be GPL, allowing us to use the image in our own game and add your name to the credits. (We would let you know if it came about and still seek your blessings).

Voting will run for a week and results visible after May 8th, the week after this jam ends. First place is bragging rights, and all media would be considered in adding to our own game. We ask that you upload the final product in a .zip format, provide a screenshot or link if possible of your multimedia file. All items must be GPL-friendly if you're including audio, and give credit where it's due if applicable.

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