Submissions open from 2019-04-01 07:00:00 to 2019-05-01 07:00:00
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Ever wanted to make a game but didn't know where to start? Or have you dabbled in the tools needed to make a game? You're in the right place! The tenderfootJam is designed for newcomers as well as those with experience, and to help you learn and grow your skills by making what you love. Games!

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Even though this Jam is designed for newer developers and designers there are some standard rules that you will find below.

If you want to see a list of free tools you can use to make games go to the bottom of the page :)


Have FUN!

Be kind and respectful to others. This is a beginner friendly Game Jam. All participants come from different backgrounds and experiences. Do not be rude.

Assets: Code, visuals, audio, etc

  • Preferably make all assets yourself since this Jam is a learning experience, but if you don't, just follow the license agreements of each asset you use. Give credit where it's due.
  • If you have any questions about how to use various pre-made assets feel free to ask in the Jam Discord, we'll help! ;)

Content creation: Assets can be made before the start of the Jam.

Can I submit a game that I have already been working on?

  • Yes! Whether its for another Game Jam or personal or professional project by all means!
  • If working on a game from another Jam or personal/professional game you can ignore the theme. But you must clearly state that it is from another Jam or that it is a prior project. If you do not state that when submitting your game it will be removed.

Theme: Fight or Flight

  • Since this Jam is designed for newer developers and designers, the theme is provided before the start of the Game Jam so that anyone of any skill level can come up with ideas and start prototyping as soon as possible.
  • All submissions must use the theme in order to qualify. If you do not use the theme your game WILL be removed. "Blank" submissions, or "Empty games" will also be removed.

Required Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux.

  • Optional platforms: Android, webGL
  • Please make your game cross platform so that all participants may enjoy it.
  • The Game must be Free. If it is not free then it will be removed from the Jam. If you wish to put a price on your game, wait until after the Jam is over, or submit a free demo to the Jam.


  • Both are allowed. If you want to participate as a team, any team size is allowed, however the bigger the team, the more important communication is.

NSFW Content: Is not allowed and will be removed from the Jam.

Screenshots and a description must accompany your game during the submission process.

What if I miss the deadline to submit my game?

  • Upload and launch your game anyways.

Whether you meet the deadline or not, release the game anyways. 

The reward of this Game Jam is GAINING EXPERIENCE and being able to say that YOU MADE A GAME.

Below you will find a list of various FREE tools and software to help you make a game.

Do I have to use the tools listed below?

  • No, if you are familiar with other tools, you can use whatever you like!

The following list contains free tools for 2D and 3D art software, game engines, and more!

  • All tools work on Windows, macOS and Linux unless stated otherwise.



Inkscape - Vector graphics editor

Krita - Professional painting program

GIMP - Image Editor


Blender - 3D creation suite

Wings 3D - Advanced subdivision modeler

Magicavoxel - Free lightweight 8-bit voxel editor (Windows/macOS)


LMMS - Cross platform DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Bosca Ceoil - Tool for creating music

Code Editors:

Atom - Text editor with optional plugins

Visual Studio Code - Lightweight code editor

Visual Studio - Full IDE (Windows/macOS)

Game Engines:

Godot - 2D/3D

Unity - 2D/3D (Windows/macOS)

Unreal Engine - 2D/3D (Windows/macOS)

And remember, Game Jams are about having fun with like-minded people. So make friends, have fun, and dont forget to take care of yourself during the Jam. Your physical and mental health is very important, don't nelgect it.

Oh, and did I mention have fun? ;)