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Tell a Story with a game, they can be fantasy or real.


You can use any engine and graphic style.

You can work in groups or with a partner. (or alone)

You can decide what kind of Gameplay you want in your game.

You can Submit more then one game.

Have Fun!

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Rooms define you.
Interactive Fiction
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Dungeon Fall is a story-rich first chapter that begins the saga of Tales from Erda.
Role Playing
You are a pear.
A young cat is to begin his pilgrimage of becoming a grand mage. What will he find? You decide how the story ends!
Visual Novel
Jamie is an human creature locked in a dream
This story about a brave young boy in dark city.
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This was supposed to be a game. What happened?
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Survival against the horde of computer virus, but you must complete puzzles to finish the game
A short text-based adventure game.
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