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Technex, the annual Techno Management fest of IITBHU is here with it's first ever Game Jam. Showcase your creativity and game dev skills to make a fun and exciting game with some unique mechanics based around a given theme in 7 days. The goal of a game jam is to encourage creativity and innovation by setting a tight deadline and creating a supportive environment for experimentation and collaboration.


The theme is "Gateway"


 For participation you have to register for this event on the official Technex Website otherwise your submission will not be accepted. Also you need to have an account on with same email used for event registration on the Technex website.

Some basic Rules

There is no restriction on game engines, frameworks or assets being used as long as there are no repercussions related to licensing.

The description of the game should clearly state how the theme has been used in the game. If the implementation is too confusing points may be deducted for not following the theme.  

Game should not include any nudity, excessive swearing or too much blood and gore.

Games can be in 2D or 3D. 

Team size limit is 1-5


1st position - 15000 Rs

2nd position - 10000 Rs

3rd position - 5000 Rs

Marking Criterion

Your submissions will be marked on the following criterion

Game art and sound design 

Completeness of the game 

Ease of the gameplay

Uniqueness of game mechanic

Connect with us

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This game is intented to be a mild rage game which is although short but hopefully you make it to the end.
Game Made for IIT BHU Technex 2023 GameJam.
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Never leave the window open at night or else...
Visual Novel
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Travel through gateways and find where they lead you to.