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Cold pizza, a piece of Lasagna when coming home drunk, the main ingredient of every sausage - leftovers are something truly magical.

Time to make something of all the projects and assets we created along our way making games, time to sweep up our crumbs of code and make some delicious game! Or to finally get rid of all the metaphors: Take yourself 3 1/2 days to give your attention to one of your abandoned projects and make something playable out of it. 

The Theme

As mentioned before, there is not a theme in the classical game jam sense. But there will be something you should try to integrate in your game. An additional challenge so to say. 

Your Opinion on Pineapple on Pizza

Have it as a comment, as an easter egg, in the end credits, as a sound file, textmesh, sprite, etc... just let the player know, how you feel about pineapple on pizza.

With that out of the way: Ready! Set! GO!

The Rules

  • Above everything else: respect each other
  • Your project has to be digital game - this is a very broad definition as I would count a .pdf file for a board game as digital too
  • NSFW games can be submitted, but it should say so clearly on the games page
  • You can use assets and code you created yourself - and in spirit of the jam you should have created them already before you even read about this jam. If you use assets, music, sounds, code, etc that is from other people, be sure that you using them is in the bounds of the respective license a.k.a you should have the rights to use them
  • I cannot force you, but play at least one of the other submitted games. Which brings us to...

The Rating and The Winner

There is no rating. Everyone who digs out some old project and makes it actually work will win the respect of everyone else in the Game Dev community because lets face it: we all have corpses hidden in our wardrobes. Sooo - time to dress those corpses up and play with them! Yeah, this metaphor does not work out very well. [insert A Weekend At Bernies joke here]

Is there a Discord Channel?

Well, there is now! A very basic one for all you beautiful people who want to eve chat with each other and enjoy some basic social contact instead of just sit alone in their dark rooms until end of the jam.

Here it is:

Important rule: Be kind.

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This is an easy game. Play it the right way and you're sure to win!
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Be the virus, infiltrate the body and destroy all vital organs!
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A robot doesn't know what spoiled food is, yet you need to get food for your human.
H@ck the servers of majkrosoft!
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