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Welcome to our Summer 2019 Jam!

Regardless of setting or genre, every event in a game takes place somewhere. Often that "somewhere" is woven together other locations and settings, but for this jam, we want to narrow that scope with the theme of One Room. Whether you choose to work alone or with a team, the jam will be casual with an emphasis on learning rather than competition. With that in mind, participants are encouraged to post updates on their progress and offer constructive feedback to others in the jam forum or Discord server.

At the end of the jam, Nina ( will stream any of the jam games that the participants would like to share. The stream will be Wednesday evening 7/17 (details to come). Here's a link to the stream Discord, where you can chat with Nina and the community about your game:


  • The jam will take place between 10:00 AM Friday, 7/12 and 11:59 PM Sunday, 7/14 (Pacific Time). Put as much or as little time as you want into your game during that time period. If you need extra time for submission for any reason from time zones to availability, let an admin know. (Please Note: In deference to those participating in the Amazon boycott, we've pushed off the stream till Wednesday, so feel free to take an extra day or two to polish your project if you'd like)
  • The jam's theme is One Room.
  • You may make a game by yourself or as part of a team.
  • The jam is not competitive.
  • Use any game development tool you would like.
  • Feel free to use assets or code from previous projects or asset marketplaces, just don't start any significant work on the project for this jam until the start date.
  • Be sure to credit any collaborators or resources that are used in your game.
  • Any submission with content that is deemed distasteful, harmful, or unsafe will be removed.

Let's have fun and make some games!


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A short horror game about evil catfish.
Seriously, Don't
Visual Novel
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The future is found in the palm of your hand.
Interactive Fiction
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One room, one body, three radios 📻
A Game About My Freshman Dorm
Interactive Fiction
We could be heroes
Interactive Fiction
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Auto Battler meets Battle Royale.
you can't leave your own brain, so how do you live with it?
Interactive Fiction
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Game for HentaiPHD's 2019 Summer Game Jam