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The Tasmanian Game Development Society in conjunction with Startup Tasmania is proud to present Tasjam: Election Special, a game jam to be held simultaneously in Hobart and Launceston on June 25-26.

This Tasjam is subtitled "Election Special," which doubles as the theme of the jam. Participants will create games from scratch, using their skills and whatever assets they can bring along or create on site. A second secret theme phrase will be announced when the jam launches.

Once again, Tasjam: Election Special is a completely free and fully catered event, thanks to the generous sponsorship of SmartCity Vocational College. Participants can look forward to a range of amazing meals and snacks provided throughout the weekend. TasGDS would like to thank SmartCity for its support of Tasjam, and its ongoing desire to see the Tasmanian game development community grow and prosper.

The mentorship program is a unique attribute of Tasjam events, in which games industry experts are invited to attend, providing advice and guidance for all participants. Attendees of Tasjam: Election Special should look forward to the following mentors being on-site:

• Ruth Bosch, artist at League of Geeks

• Drew Taylor, Communications Manager at Surprise Attack

• Stephen Heller, Community Manager and Producer at Surprise Attack

• Maize Wallin, Interactive Arts Composer and Teacher

• and Matt Ditton, head of Mighty Games and Many Monkeys

• Late Edition: Liam Esler! Producer, Writer and Designer on Baldur's Gate, with Beamdog

Tasjam is Tasmania's premier game jam event series. Venues in both the North and South of the state make Tasjam truly statewide, reducing the need for significant travel to attend. Previous Tasjam events have sold out, so please make sure to get your tickets early!

Tasjam is an inclusive event. A strict code of conduct will ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees. Any attendees that wish to sleep on-site are welcome to bring sleeping gear and do so, though it's important to remember that a good night's sleep can make a huge difference to your ability to function and be creative!

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