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Jam time

TasGM is running an online Tasjam starting from 10:00am Thursday 30th of April and running to 3:00pm on Sunday 3rd of May.
The event will kick off at 10:00am on Thursday, where we'll go over the theme and the general code of conduct on Discord. We'll run all day Thursday through to Sunday. At 3:00pm Sunday it's pencils down and submissions are to be made to this 'Tasjam at home' Itch page before 4:00pm.

This is a longer jam session than usual, to give more time to fit game making around our busy lives. You can start and finish at times that work for you—we'll be posting any important updates to the Discord channel.


After the jamming session closes at 3:00pm Sunday, we'll get together and showcase all the games that have been made over the weekend.
Games will be posted to this 'Tasjam at home' Itch page, and we'll be playing and discussing together on Discord from 4:00pm.


To participate, head to our Discord and keep in contact with the community and your teammates.

We'll be opening a dedicated Discord channel and voice chat for the jam prior to commencement, so this is the place to go to keep up to speed with other makers around the state while the jam is running.


  • There is no expectation to work as many hours as possible from Thursday to Sunday, so remember to take things at your own pace—this is a chill event, there are no prizes!
  • Even though there is a statewide 'stay at home' notice, you should remember to get out and stretch your legs/recharge between hours of furious game making.
  • The 'Tasjam at home' Discord channel is the perfect place to form teams, discuss ideas, and post screenshots of your work!
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It's a maze, but not one that will make any sense...
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Made over 3 days in a game jam as a solo entry!
Multiplayer game where you must hunt down enemy subs
TasJam at Home 2020
Take nature photos for your vampire friend
Infinite runner
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Try to find and follow the path of another ghost using audio clues
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you are a robot that iss stuck in space and you are trying to communicate with your love
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2D sandbox game where you can fight aliens and destroy blocks (when it's implemented)
Enforce the 2 Meter Rule