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Tasjam is the first-ever statewide game jam to be held in Tasmania, Australia.

Participants will be making games over a 32 hour period, and submitting them here for judging. After an assessment period, an awards event will be held (more details soon!) and prizes will be distributed to the winning teams and individuals.

This jam is only open to attendees physically attending official venues in Hobart and Launceston. Thanks for your understanding!



  • Lauren Clinnick - Lumi Consulting
  • Katie Gall - Lumi Consulting
  • Kamina Vincent - Tin Man Games
  • Matt Ditton - Mighty Games Group

Things to remember to bring

  • Hardware: computers, headphones, digitising tablets, power supplies, power boards, displays (please be considerate of others - there is limited workspace per person!)
  • Brainstorming/collaboration tools: Pens, notebooks, portable whiteboards and markers
  • Sleeping materials: Sleeping bag, pillow, inflatable sleeping mat
  • Hygiene products: A change of clothes, toiletries, towel, deoderant, shampoo, soap (shower available on-site in Hobart)
  • Other: Drink bottle, cheeky treat snacks to share

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Access political parties and voice your opinion to lobby for political change
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Part of the responsibility of having a voice is knowing when to be silent
A public speaking simulator
You're being tortured. Escape.
a game about mob justice
Hobart CoderDojo entry for TasJam 2015 games jam.
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A short, text oriented exploration experience with first person mouselook controls.
If you want to fight, first you must raise your voice.
'The' anonymous collaborative dungeon escape experience
A game two programmers made for the TasJam competition to see how hard being a writer is, turns out it is really hard.
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A Political Rap Experience
The Escape - 2D maze survival - Follow your inner voices
Prototype puzzle platformer