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The archives are's time for some spooky ttrpgs!

Liminal Horror is a ttrpg system for telling modern horror stories.  The system is adaptable to multiple horror genres and with a focus on how characters change through play (and exposure to the weird and paranatural).

The Liminal Horror Tales from the Void Jam is a non-ranked game jam, where entrants are invited to contribute submissions relating to all things spooky and scary. There is a non-exhaustive list of types of submissions below.

All Liminal Horror textpresented in the original zine and on the SRD is covered by a Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license, and you are free to use it however you want in your submissions to this jam or other projects. 

The Jam will run until [REDACTED[. 

While there is no dedicated Liminal Horror discord server, Iko of The Lost Bay has created a Liminal Horror channel on the Lost Bay Discord that you can join and discuss your work in progress. 

What kind of things qualify as a Tale from the Void?

I'm looking for any and all things horror ttrpg/Liminal Horror. Nothing is too small or big. Some possible entry types are:

What resources are available to me?

A ton (I hope). Below are some different frameworks and supports for creating content for Liminal Horror.

  • Core Rules (web-based)
  • Adventure Primer - this primer goes in depth into the different aspects of the Liminal Horror system and how to use/adapt them to reinforce tone/genre/theme/style of your adventure (blog)
  • Mystery Framework - one way you can structure an adventure scenario. The Plague of Frogs adventure is an example of this framework. (web-based explanation / google doc template)
  • One Page Rules Summary - you can include in your submission (google doc / markdown)
  • Custom Character Gen - An in depth look at the different ways you can create custom character generation to tailor scenarios to specific themes/structures (web-based)


Whether you decide to make your work CC-BY-SA 4.0 (which will allow others to use it in their publications) or you copyright  your work, you have the option of also using the Liminal Horror Third Party License. This will allow you to use one of the five logos that designate it as a third party Liminal Horror work.


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Solo rules for Liminal Horror
Necromantic, space-bound, adventure horror compatible with Liminal Horror, Cairn, and other ItO games.
Location supplement made for the 2022 Liminal Horror Jam
A mystery zine of cosmic and corporate horror for Liminal Horror
an official Liminal Horror adventure and setting
Short horror One-Shot for the game LIMINAL HORROR. For a referee and a player
A system agnostic corporate horror dungeon
A mausritter style inventory card system for Liminal Horror
Factions for Liminal Horror to terrorize your weird road trip
A pamphlet adventure for Liminal Horror that will keep you on the edge of your... chair?
weird images for your free use
Pack of free images for your odd projects
A Liminal Horror mini mystery in the guise of a gig flyer
A Domestic Zine for the Liminal Home
More weird stuff for your Liminal Horror fun
A Kaiju Suppliment for Liminal Horror
Random tables for weird horror
Optional Flashback rules for Liminal Horror
Reality bending factions for Liminal Horror
Resources for Liminal Horror ttrpg IN SAPCE!
An adventure about the Mandela Effect by way of the undead apocalypse
A table of different light sources for Liminal Horror
An encounter for Liminal Horror
A supplement for Liminal Horror
Horrific art pack
A Fallout & Monster for Liminal Horror
A megastore, the biggest of boxes, and you cannot seem to find an exit no matter how many floors you descend.
A One-Shot for use with Liminal Horror.
A mystery for Liminal Horror
Optional gear tables for your Liminal Horror game
Expanded Vehicle Rules for chases, car battles, and speedy adventures.
A bit of autumnal otherworldliness for your Liminal Horror game.
How big is an organization? What could they have with that kind of power?
A faction for Liminal Horror
A spellbook made with music samples
A Liminal Horror module in flyer format, inspired by the Italian Giallo cinema
A Liminal Horror Scenario inspired by occult cinema
A onepage horror adventure landscape for Liminal Horror.
Short adventure for Liminal Horror
A boat has washed on shore near Myrtle Beach. DO NOT GO NEAR THE BOAT.
What did Grandma say she did during the war again?
A Fever Swamp conversion for Liminal Horror
Need a weird item for you horror game roll a d66
Liminal Rules Summary on hand - now updated with Investigator Edition
A monster and fallout for Liminal Horror
Two ghosts for Liminal Horror
A page of content for Liminal Horror
A series of spooky encounters for a modern horror game
Ten strange book titles for your Liminal Horror campaign.
A page of content, compatable with Liminal Horror
A page of fallouts for Liminal Horror
A wandering market for a modern horror setting
Location for Liminal Horror TTRPG
Un lugar para Liminal Horror centrado en los baños de un instututo
A new creature for Liminal Horror
Un grupo de PNJ para añadir a tus partidas de Liminal Horror
A pamphlet adventure for Liminal Horror.
A page of theming for Liminal Horror
A hotel for Nameless Horror and similar games
A short story/Liminal Horror plot
Alternate characters creation tables to generate a group of high schoolers for the Liminal Horror TTRPG.
NOT PUBLISHED YET Pamphlet Adventures for Liminal Horror Jam