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Welcome to the 2020 Collaboration Game Jam! 

Hosted by your friends over at r/TTRPGCollab, this is a jam that encourages you to expand your connections within the TTRPG industry. 

This jam is your opportunity to meet someone new from the community, build your first game with some guidance, or get a fresh set of eyes on some old languishing work. There are lots of people with good ideas, this is your opportunity to work with like-minded people to make those ideas a reality! Hopefully this Jam expands your knowledge and experience within the TTRPG design community, and demystifies the game design process. For you veterans, we encourage you to find someone new to the industry and take them under your wing. Help them along, share your knowledge, and foster their creativity!

Jam Rules

  1. You must work at least one other person. This can come in a huge number of different forms: four designers putting rules together, a rules designer and two setting authors, a layout artist and an illustrator working on existing rules, etc. Any collaboration counts.
  2. Follow all laws, copyrights, or license restrictions. 

That's it! 

Entirely Optional Suggestions

  • This jam is designed for Tabletop RPGs. Other games, such as board games, card games, or video games will be accepted, but this is not the target audience for this jam.
  • We highly encourage you to collaborate with someone you've never worked with before. Expand your horizons!
  • We highly encourage you to release your game under Creative Commons of some kind. 
  • If you are looking for buddies to collaborate with, head over to r/TTRPGCollab. If you have an idea and want someone to work with, feel free to make your own post. You can also head to the stickied Collaboration Game Jam thread, where we will have a spreadsheet of people looking for partners.
  • Going off of the goals of Collaboration, you can use the theme of Friendship, Inclusivity, and Teamwork to inspire your games.
  • Keeping the game Safe For Work is encouraged but not required. 
  • Be nice to each other, promote inclusion, and listen to new ideas.

This is a very relaxed and free-form collaboration. Feel free to start your games before the official start of the Jam, or keep working on the project after the Jam is complete. Just message me if you go past the deadline and want to still add the game to the Jam page. 


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