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So, this game jam will give you 7 months-more on that later- to develop a horror game (to the best of your ability)!

This is a great excuse to get into development but is also a jam for pros! There's no theme (except horror) and no software required! This jam is for YOU! As for the 7 months, that is the length of time you have to make the WHOLE game- but I will be hosting Live DevSprints on my youtube channel ( in which we will spend an hour minimum- and 5 hours maximum- getting comfortable and just developing, then sharing the results!

So, a few rules:

  • submit your game here
  • can be 2D or 3D- will be equally judged
  • any software (free or not)
  • must be developed in the 7 months

a few goals to make it easier for you:

  • do 1 hour of working on it a day
  • evaluate your progress every week and month
  • dedicate days to working on it (weekends)
  • work with others (friends)
  • use patreon for funding

SO, that's all! Thanks for joining!

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