This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-03-16 19:00:00 to 2018-03-24 01:00:00. View results Subscribe and turn on notifications to know what the theme is once it starts! (Will be posted here too) Join the Discord to join teams and talk with others! A great page for finding team!

Rules of Entry:

  1. No assets from any store or third party are allowed to be used expect music and SFX but it's still very recommended that you create it yourself.
  2. Game engines standard assets can be used.
  3. Fonts under an OFL license may be used.
  4. Teams size: 1-6
  5. Game must be made within the time constraints.


  1. Concept - How well does it match the theme?
  2. Playability - Is it fun and challenging enough to play?
  3. Visual impression - Does the art style suit the game and looks good?
  4. Replayability - Is it compelling and does it have high replay value?
  5. Creativity - How creative and unique is the game?

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Candy Kill 0.01
A Viking Brawler
Remember to drink enough but not too much
Role Playing
Space Defender
A jank ass tank game made for skyoo's game jam. Also my first published game
Remake of my clone of the game called Dodge
You have to protect your body from the toxic cells.
Survive as long as possible while facing hoards of robots with bows...
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your mission is the color the world!
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