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Theme: Halloween

Special Note: Darkness should be a focus of the game

Any engine is allowed to be used, as long as you can export to windows (or android for mobile games) executables.


  1. No assets from any store or third party are allowed to be used, with the exception of standard assets and music/sound effects. (exceptions may be made for tool-based assets, such as visual scripting or version control. Please ask on our discord server.)
  2. Fonts should be OFL licensed
  3. Teams may consist of a maximum of six members.
  4. Game must be made within the time constraints of the game jam.
  5. Your game should be your or your team's own work. Clones of tutorials or other's games are prohibited.

Ranking Criteria:

  • Concept - How well does the game match the theme?
  • Playability - Is the game fun, is it engaging and/or challenging?
  • Visual Impression - Is the game aesthetically pleasing, does everything fit together?
  • Replayability - Do you feel you would want to play again?
  • Creativity - How individual is the game?


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Ghost saving the day.
Avoid obstacles and collect candies to calm down the halloween's boss.
Guide of one of four factions of monsters to the ultimate Halloween victory
Blow out all the Jack-O-Lanterns
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halloween themed cooking point & click
Play in browser
A survival shooter where you mine jolly ranchers, fight off Chocolate monsters, and not get eaten.
Protect a hooman from having nightmares with your holy orbs!
Card based strategy game concept
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What would happen, if a real monster went trick-or-treating?
Interactive Fiction
Bat has to pass through a cave! Eat the candy! Eat CANDY!!!
An arena-style fighting game where you are forced to fight off waves of ghosts to stay alive
Play in browser
THERE IS NO WIN SCENARIO , try to hold as far as possible
As said not complete, has a lot of bugs and issues.
You're cursed so you can't stop running. Seek your revenge...