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Welcome to SWRPG Community's first Adventure Jam! This contest is designed to encourage short-form adventure writing and quality homebrew creation for the Star Wars RPG created by Fantasy Flight Games and EDGE Studio.

To submit: write and design an adventure / sourcebook / encounter that fits on to one-page and fits within the theme of "The Unknown Regions". The Unknown Regions are one of the least explored canon locations within the Star Wars universe - so run wild! 

We want to see new planets and places, new characters and factions, and new species and storylines. Originality wins points here - not retreading the usual suspects of Tatooine & Nar Shadaa, statting main characters, or sourcebooks for existing eras. What's out there beyond the known? If you've ever wanted to create Star Wars, this is your chance!

1st place wins a $20 giftcard for DriveThruRPG , 2nd gets a $10 gift card for DTRPG, 3rd gets a $5 gift card for DTRPG. All entries will be highlighted on and the Community Discord.


  • One page means the submission must fit on one side of one page of paper (US Letter or A4).
  • You can include any number of NPCs, locations, and novelties, so long as it fits on one page.
  • The submission must be put under the “Creative Common Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0” license.
  • Each submission must include this on the page: “” 
  • Each submission must have a title and an author name on the adventure.
  • Submissions must not violate copyright, intellectual property, or trademarks of others.
  • Only one entry allowed per participant.
  • Submissions can be replaced/revised up until the submission deadline. Only the last revision will be considered as the official submission.
  • Submissions with extremely small font sizes will not be viewed favorably (Nothing less than 8 pts).
  • Keep in mind that the submissions will be printed out on paper by some judges.
  • The file size of the PDF should be under 6MB.
  • A link to a web page or blog article can be submitted along with the PDF and it will be posted to the contest page.
  • Submissions must be written in English.
  • Submissions must be sent no later than 06/30/21 23:59 UTC

If you have questions - drop us a line on the community Discord.


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A derelict ship and a rogue planet shadow an ancient mystery in this one-page SWPRG adventure.
A short adventure about tracking down a bounty on an unexplored planet . [FFG Star Wars]
When the PC's are dire need of a pit stop, their only hope is derelict refueling station overtaken by a deadly fungus.
PCs seek the home world of a miraculous plant, but find they may be walking into a trap. [An FFG SWRPG adventure]
These gravitational readings can't be correct...
A supermassive space station located in the Unknown Regions of space.
You're up to your eyeballs in debt, and only have one way out of it.
Survive in the Unknown Regions
​Traveling through hyperspace, the adventures discover something is wreaking havoc to their ship.
A Star Wars RPG Location Adventure
A one-page SWRPG adventure.
Star Wars One Page Adventure Jam
An adventure seed for FFG's Star Wars RPG
Role Playing
An FFG SWRPG adventure!
A Blade Runner inspired Star Wars adventure
A Cult-y Unknown Regions Adventure