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The theme for the Switcheroo Jam is:


When we make games, we focus so much on what we are good at, everything else gets left behind. Sometimes its good to try something new so that you can develop new skills.

What is Switcheroo Jam

In the Switcheroo Jam, you must focus on anything other than your strong points. Are you are a good programmer? Try some art! Are you a 3D Modeller? Give some level design a go!

You pick a role at the beginning of the jam, it should be something that you are not very good at, or have very little experience in. That sounds wrong, but by trying something new, you can develop new skills and gain knowledge and appreciation for other people's workflows. you might even find your new favourite role!

When picking your game idea you should try and pick a game idea that requires little of the role you're best at, that way you can focus on a role that you are less experienced in.

If you're taking part, join our discord server where everybody can help each other or just have a chat while making their games.

How will these games be judged?

There is voting in the switcheroo jam open to the public.
There is only 1 voting criteria, How well you have done with your chosen role.

Are you working as a team?

  • If your team has a variety of roles, you can trade with one another, this way everybody can help each other.
  • If your team has a lot of one role, e.g. 3 programmers, try making a game with as little of that role as possible, that way you can focus on the role you have chosen to take on.


  • You have to pick a role at the beginning of the jam and focus on that.
  • You cannot pick the role that you are best at.
  • You can use premade assets as long as they do not relate to your chosen role.
  • You can only work on this game during the jam time (June 16th to June 23rd, 2018)


Q. Am I allowed to do what I usually do when making games?
A. Of course you are, you can do it if its needed for the game, just don't focus on it.

Q. How will you know my chosen role?
A. When you upload your game, put your chosen role in the description

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