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Welcome to the first annual Swansea Computer Science Game Jam! This game jam is intended for any student in computer science at Swansea University. You can enter the jam either on your own or as a group.

The theme for this year's jam is GROWTH. This theme is open to your interpretation.

At the end of the jam voting will begin. Anyone with an account will be able to vote. There are three criteria:

  • Theme - how well does your game meet the theme?
  • Feel - how good does your game feel to play?
  • Potential - given unlimited time and money what is the potential of your game to become something more?

The jam will take place throughout November. You should aim to spend between 24 and 48 hours on development. You should focus on creating a short, but complete, experience. Spend time designing your key game mechanics and avoid the dreaded feature creep!

Any questions send them to me @DrSeanWalton on twitter. If anyone is good at designing logos and cover images send me some ideas to make this page look better.

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A game inspired by the works of Kraftwerk's "Tour de France" soundtrack with open-ended mission based design.