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Welcome to the first ever "Survive the Game Jam"

Survive the Game Jam is essentially a weekly game jam that invites everyone to create a survival game based on the theme revealed the day before it starts. You will have 72 hours to create a unique survival game with interesting and original ideas and mechanics. This is the very first Survive the Game Jam, so rules are likely to change, as i perfect the formula, however they will always start at the same time, in future jams i will likely increase the amount of time, to ensure you can make something great.

Any game engine can be used

Theme - Miniature - Make a survival game with the "Miniature" theme in mind. This could be a game about ants, or people in a small world, or really anything that makes you think miniature. This is the first Survive the Game Jam, so the theme is very broad, and gives you alot to work with, in future jam, they are likely to be more specific, and you'll be required to think hard, to create something unique.

All games will be shown in a video on youtube, where the winners will be announced.

No Prizes for this first jam, but if there is interest then there may be prizes in the next one.

Youtube Channel - Coming Soon

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