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Welcome to Survive the Game Jam 5!!!

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Survive the Game Jam is essentially a weekly game jam focused on creating unique and fun survival games in 72 hours.

After over a year, I'm bringing this game jam back!

Back when it started I allowed a very large range of games, that just including surviving in some way, but with the return of this game jam I want to take it back to what I had originally intended and make it about creating true survival games, with unique ideas and game mechanics.

This means a game where you control a person, or a group of people, and must guide them to survival, preferably having to manage resources such as food, water and ammo. There's a lot that can be done, and a lot of possibility for unique takes on the survival genre.

The 72 hours takes place over a weekend. In my timezone it starts at 12am Friday morning and ends 12am Monday morning. My timezone is NZDT so just use a timezone converter or just check the Game Jam page for when it starts.

The Theme is announced just before it starts.

CURRENT THEME: Resurrection

Fitting, for the revival of this game jam, also potentially an interesting idea for a survival game, where your main goal is to not die.


Use Any Game Engine.

You may use any royalty free assets, as long as you credit where credit is due.

NSFW is allowed.

Have Fun.

Be Friendly in the Community Section.

You Will be judged on:

Fun: 1 - 5

Creativity: 1 - 5

Graphics: 1- 5

Sound: 1 - 5

Theme Match: 1 - 5 (Resurrection)

Genre Match: 1 - 5 (Survival)


Currently no prizes will be rewarded to the winners, this is just a casual jam for fun. It is "ranked" but that's just for fun as well. There are no rewards for winning, at this stage.

If any Youtubers or Streamers would like to play the entries for this jam, let me know and I can create a list, for people to find you, and watch you play their games.

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Stealing flowers from the vengeful dead