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Welcome to the Third "Survive the Game Jam"

Survive the Game Jam is essentially a weekly game jam that invites everyone to create a survival game based on the theme revealed the day before it starts. You will have 72 hours to create a unique survival game with interesting and original ideas and mechanics.

A survival game doesn't have to mean a game about managing hunger, thirst and/or energy. In my opinion and what I want this jam to be about, is making a game where your main goal is to do whatever possible to stay alive.


-Any game engine can be used

-You can use free assets, or assets that you own, but try to make most of it yourself

-NSFW is allowed

-Be friendly in the community section

-Have fun

Theme - Invasion

You need to make a game that portrays the theme invasion

All games will be shown in a video on youtube, where i will give my opinion and rate the games based on the Jams criteria.

No Prizes for this jam, but if there is enough interest then there may be prizes in the next one.

Youtube Channel -

Art for the youtube channel would be greatly appreciated, I want this jam to be all about the community, so where I can I will get you guys involved, such as having polls for the theme or decisions based around the Jam. If anyone has suggestions or would like to help with making the youtube art please contact me here:

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