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📼Mixin' it up! 

Super Rare Mixtape Jam #1 is the first jam of its kind, where the winner will get the option to have their game physically preserved on a volume of the Super Rare Mixtape physical compilation (more info below!)

Participants have 2 weeks to create a game based on a theme - this time, it's appropriately "mixtape". This can be interpreted in any way you desire, and feature as prominently or lightly as you wish, whether that's central to the game's mechanics/story/location, or only vaguely relevant at all. Nobody's entry is going to be disqualified for its usage of the theme (or lack thereof) so, y'know, don't worry too much lol

📼So, uhhh, what is Super Rare Mixtape then?

The Super Rare Mixtape is a lifelong dream passion project of mine, which my lovely colleagues over at Super Rare Games have unbelievably backed as it represents everything we're about - physical games and supporting indies! We're better known for our line-up of physical Nintendo Switch games... so yeah, when it comes to physical indie games, we're basically the kings (sorry not sorry for tooting our own horn 📯)

Super Rare Mixtape volumes are a collection of 30 curated games from the freeware & jam indie scene, physically preserved on on a USB stick shaped like a tape cassette. Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 1 sold out of its 2,000 units in roughly 6 hours, and included games you may recognise, like Becalm, Emily is Away, FRAGMENT, Good Morning Drifter, Guardian Sphere, Kiwi 64, Lianthus, Lycanthorn, Missed Messages, NO PLAYERS ONLINE, Two Timin' Towers, and many more! 

The Mixtape comes with a custom-made games launcher to play all the games from, making it an accessible plug-n-play experience. Future volumes also include dev audio commentary + concept art buttons, allowing for the stories behind each game to be preserved even better. Each Mixtape volume also comes with a full-colour print manual with a page representing each game, as well as 6 commercial indie game demos for that demo disc vibe. Copies are given to influencers & press to highlight these games to newcomers, as well as museums to properly archive the Mixtapes. The purpose is all about preserving and showcasing these brilliant games (and this brilliant scene) to those who may not usually be aware of them. We are quite proud of it, tbh.

With Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 2 + 3 now in the pipeline and 59 games lined up between them, we intentionally left one slot available on Vol. 3, especially for this jam. The winning game here will be offered to be included on Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 3! ✨

📼How to participate / boring rules

  1. Create a game including the "mixtape" theme in any way you see fit
  2. Join the Super Rare Mixtape Jam #1 on 
  3. Submit your game from October 31st, 6pm GMT until the deadline on November 14th, 6pm GMT
  4. Voting begins at the submission deadline and ends November 19th, 6pm GMT. Anyone can vote, including the public, content creators, and jam contributors
  5. A single entry with winning votes will be offered to feature on the Super Rare Mixtape Vol. 3.  If the winner wants to participate, then it'll be treated like any other game included on that volume. Super Rare Games pays a small fee per game to its creator/s for its inclusion on the Mixtape Vol. 3, but we do not retain any ownership - the game is always yours! 
  6. Please avoid including any copyright materials and ensuring you have all appropriate rights for everything. For obvious reasons, we can't sell a product that includes a game with rights issues
  7. Please avoid offensive content, overly excessive violence, excessive sexual content, etc
  8. We reserve the right to choose a runner-up instead for any reason we see fit, including if there are any copyright concerns, offensive material, contracts unable to be signed, or for any other reason
  9. Vol. 3 production starts soon, so the winner is free to update their game after the jam, but we need the final files by the end of 2021
  10. A contract  + a Google Form with basic questions (how to spell your game, how to credit you, whether you want to include a developer commentary or concept art, etc) will be sent via email soon after the winner is chosen. These are necessary for us to include the game on the Mixtape. I promise this actually is all super straightforward!
  11. We might still decide to pitch to other creators to include their entries on future Mixtape volumes, if we decide we really like 'em!
  12. No restrictions on whether you work alone or in a team
  13. No restrictions on whether you reuse assets etc created before the jam, but wholly original content is prefered (and must belong to you, of course)
  14. Please have a downloadable version of your game - for obvious reasons, we can't include a browser-based game on a physical package. Likewise, please avoid creating games that require an internet connection.
  15. It's a two week jam for the purpose of nobody overworking themselves, so please don't push yourselves too hard! Do it for fun, not for winning. Super Rare Mixtape ain't going nowhere and there'll be plenty of opportunities to include many more games in future

Please direct any questions to me via Direct Message on Twitter @Toadsanime, as that's the best likelihood of me seeing + answering it! 😊

Whether you're participating or not, thanks for checking this out! 

I say it a lot, but the Super Rare Mixtape project is my baby; it is very dear to me as something I have wanted to do for over 10 years, and I still cannot believe it's a success and is continuing with more volumes. Please be sure to check out Vol. 2 in early 2022 - there's some incredible games featured on it from folk you may already know! 💖


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​People want beautiful mixtapes. You can make beautiful cassettes. Help them in this small and relaxing puzzle game !
An endless runner with an analog tape-warping twist!
A Tape-Deckbuilder
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Ran out of time thanks to uni work :(
DJ Jam hears a rumor that anyone who reaches the top of the Tower of Tapes will become the Mixtape Master.
Destroy herds of zombies with cassettes
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