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It's almost that time of year again! The supermarket has a christmas section and it's only just starting to get warm outside. We know that in a couple of short months we'll be kicking back on the beach, cold tinnie in hand, either enjoying or escaping family, with mariah carey perpetually in our brain.

But first! Videogames!

Bar SK will be opening the projectors up for any and all summer christmas games during December 2019, including some of the wonderful games made during last years jam. As per our last jams we'll be asking participants to design for a common controller, see below, that should put the right emphasis on social aspects and accessibility. If you'd like to disregard this that's fine! But we can't guarantee your game will be displayed as long as the others. 

Submissions are open all November and December, but games go up on December 1st so get them in ASAP!

The specs:

We would love your game to be a PC build. If in unity please disable the dialog box at opening, we want the file to open straight into the game (this helps with our game launcher). We'd like it to open fullscreen at 1280 x 800 resolution. 

The controller is our two player two button controller. Player 1, left hand side, uses the A and S keys, and player two, right hand side, uses the K and L keys. The only other buttons available to the player are "next" and "reset" which both control the game launcher, so don't worry about those!

Ideally your game should display a "start" screen, WHICH IS WHERE YOU SHOULD WRITE YOUR CREDITS/TWITTER HANDLE, and then on any input go into the game. A time out after ~30 seconds of no input, returning to the start screen, would also be ideal.  We'll see if we can source some simple unity scripts to that effect.

Any questions just email louie -at- 

Thanks so much for taking part!

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Play as rival Surf Life Savers battling to save more swimmers