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For those of us in the southern hemisphere, christmas is a day of beach, beers and backyards. Every year I try find some seasonal games to display and it's always snow, open fires and log cabins, and it gives me the shits tbh.

This year join me in making some exhibit-friendly christmas games that don't involve snowmen and icicles. Anything goes just bring me that sweet sunshine <3

Of course you're welcome to submit any size/shape/controlled games, but we'll be setting up a few stations with different controllers, so if you can make something fit to those schemes that would be lovely. Here's the specs for that:


  • Windows Build
  • 1280 x 800 resolution
  • No unity dialogue box, boot straight to game
  • Splash screen w/ whatever credits you want
  • Hit anything to play
  • Uses one of the control schemes below:

2 player 2 button: player 1 uses A and S, player 2 uses K and L. Just like the Beer SK jam entries.

Mouse only: Good for first person explorers, left click to move forward, right click to interact. 

2 player Joystick and 2 Button: Player 1 uses WASD for movement and ZX for actions, player 2 uses UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT for movement and NM for actions. (our controllers use keyboard input, so make sure it's not mapped to analogue joysticks!)


Bitsy screen: We'll have a screen set up with 4 buttons for anything made in the wonderful Bitsy!

<3 SK

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summer christmas party
‚Äčthis is for the bar SK jam ill update this description after i sleep ok goodbye
bird on a beach
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get splashing in the ocean, and maybe score a point
Merry Beermas!
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It's midnight and its still 30 degrees outside. Cool yourself down so you can get enough sleep for tomorrow.
It's nearly christmas and it's 40 degrees outside. Time to go swim at your mates house and be sun smart.
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