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Welcome to the first annual Swansea University College of Science Summer GameJam.

If you don't know what a game jam is check out this wikipedia article (just don't cite it).

A game jam is an event where a bunch of people make a game within a limited amount of time. Usually that is only 24 to 72 hours but since a lot of you haven't made a game before we decided to give you the whole summer.

GameJams usually have a theme and (since the game jam title is so long) ours is going to be "Super Long Game Titles"

To help you guys help each other over the summer there is a community forum hear and I've set up a discord server here.

The powerpoint from the introduction event can be downloaded here.

For making your game you can use any engine you like (or write your own). Game Maker is really good for quick prototyping and making full fledged 2D games, if you want to get serious then it's worth trying out Unity3D or Unreal. YouTube is a great place to find tutorials...

...a word of warning don't use any assets that might be copyrighted. These games are going to be on-line for people to download and if I want to do a let's play of any of them I don't want google giving me a takedown notice because you ripped off someone's dubstep.

If anyone wants to help me, Alena and Martin run the jam by moderating the communities or creating banner art let us know.

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