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TigerDev Summer Game Jam 2019

Feeling bored this summer? Bored of having fun in the sun? Tired of swimming, sunbathing until you're as red as a cherry, or engaging in high-octane Super-Soaker battles? Well look no further, as our first game jam of the summer is upon us! So get back chair, close your blinds (since we don't really like or need the sun) and get ready to not leave your house for week!

(I kid, please take care of yourselves and enjoy your summer while you work on your games!)


  • Max team size: 3
  • Your submission must be original, and made within the allotted time
  • Premade assets are allowed so long as they follow the conditions provided by the creator
  • All participants must be current Auburn University students
  • The following should be included in your submission: (points may be taken off depending on the completeness of said submission!)
    • A playable version of your game
    • A design document for your game including:
      • Game controls
      • A blurb describing the plot, gameplay, and instructions/controls if needed
      • If necessary, compilation instructions
    • A logo for the game



Yes. The theme for the jam is jam. What does that mean? Whatever you want! Jam has a lot of meanings. You spread it on toast, you jam out to your favorite music, you remove them from printers... You get the picture! Create something revolving around some application of this word!


  • Theme x/20
    • Does it fit the given theme? Are you applying the theme in some interesting and unique way? These should be easy points if it's clear you developed the game and its concept specifically for this jam.
  • Gameplay x/20
    • Is the game fun and engaging?
  • Level Design x/15
    • Is the level designed to teach you how to play the game? Does the level display the mechanics of the game in interesting ways?
  • Art x/15
    • Does the art follow a particular direction? Does it create a cohesive visual experience? Extra kudos to you if the art is original, but it's by no means required.
  • Sound Design x/10
    • Does the sound fit the game? Does it convey the actions of the game? Extra kudos to you if the sounds in your game are original, but it's by no means required.
  • Atmosphere x/10
    • How well do each of the previous categories come together to create a unified experience?
  • Creativity x/10
    • Is the game innovative? Is novel or unique? Did it do something particularly fresh and new?

Total: x/100


  • Keola Silva,  Secretary, Jam Host
  • Connor Lantz, President
  • Jeremy Roberts, Previous President
  • Michelle Brannan, Previous Historian


The winning team will receive one of the following (currently, if there are multiple team members, they'll need to split it. This may change, and I will let you all know if it does):

  • $20 Steam Gift Card
  • $20 Xbox/PSN Gift Card
  • $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • $20 iTunes Gift Card

The game jam begins 8:00am Tuesday, May 21st and ends 11:59pm Monday, May 27th. All games must be submitted either via this page or via email to before the end time.

Good luck, and have fun!


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A puzzle game about combining ingredients!