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The world needs style guides.

TV shows get style guides. Game art gets style guides. Newspapers get style guides. Imaginary worlds get sourcebooks. But the real world, and the people in it, are sorely lacking in creative instructional materials. We can provide them.

This jam is for making style guides, source books, and creative bibles for things in the real world that don't have them. You could:

  • Make a sourcebook for your middle school
  • Draw a style guide for how lizards should look and act
  • Do the character design for your local DMV
  • Make a style guide for a farmer's market
  • Write the rulebook for how drivers behave on your commute
  • Write the creative bible for the perfect sandwich
  • What are toilets like? You tell us
  • How should people Post Online? Let us know
  • Draw the definitive style guide for your mom

Choose objects, organizations, places, actions, or even ideas, and give us the rules we all need.

You can submit your style guide in any format you wish-- as a pdf or a .doc file, a video, an audio file, a game experience, or an entire website.


Never seen a style guide, a sourcebook, or a creative bible before?  Check these out:

Other rules

  • Your style guide must address a real thing or experience in the IRL world
  • Your style guide doesn't need art or text. Use whatever combo of things you're comfortable with
  • I'm gonna de-list style guides that are abusive, or punching down on individuals or groups of people


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An excerpt from 'Foods: Their Apocalyptic Lives'.
A style guide for creating usernames for online services.