Submissions open from 2023-04-10 04:00:00 to 2023-04-16 04:00:00
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Hello Everyone!

Technomancer Kyle, or YFTechno in some circles, is here to do this whole great thing of running a TTRPG game jam, or as I am calling it a creative jam. This jam is to help generate support and love for my favorite genre of storytelling, modern-day settings with fantasy and other fiction things. 

If you want to know about updates, you can find them at:

  • My discord for my games, and my general hangout space when not in other's discords.
  • The discussion boards on here, whenever I remember about it
  • My twitter account, using the hashtag for this year (I plan to have this a recurring thing) #StreetGrim23

Jam Rules

In this jam, the goal is only to make anything relating to the general theme of modern-day TTRPG-related things. Below I will go over other bits and parts of the rules for this jam.


Anyone may join this jam, and they may submit old material if it meets the themes. That being said I encourage everyone to please try to make something new for this jam, just for the sake of helping make more content in this genre for us all to consume and love.

You may work as a solo developer/artist, or in a team.

Any type of TTRPG product is ok for submission, as long as it can meet the theme criteria. If you want to make art, music, adventure paths/modules, or even systems, doesn't matter.

You may submit more than one submission.

Themes & Ranking

This creative jam will have a ranking system. Firstly, and most general ranking is the submissions associated with the goal of this jam, stuff set in a modern-day world with fantasy or science fiction elements. This is voted upon by the public.

Secondly, the primary thing that will make this jam different than the one I run next year around the same time, would be the "themes. There is a primary theme and three sub-themes. Any, all, or none of these themes may be used, as they are mostly there to help generate ideas. How close a submission is to each of these is voted upon 

Finally, there is the Judge's Choice. This is a segment only judges will be able to vote on and set for each submission. The criteria the judges have set up for hasn't been set up, but this paragraph will change when it has.

Ok, but why is there ranking?


I want there to be a ranking, as I don't know how many submissions we will get, but I know I want to give everyone a goal. A chance to be the best in something, and I want to showcase a few of these in some way based on how well they do.

But no matter what you get, I will still do my best to thank you for participating, even if it is just me screaming on the top of the mountain saying that you are a wonderful person (while sharing any and all links).

If the ranking bit doesn't vibe well with you, that is fine. Ignore it if you want, just please show me what you got cause I am sure I will love it.