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#StormJam was created to raise awareness of those affected by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. Thousands along the southeast coast have been affected. Lives have been lost, homes have been destroyed, and thousands have been displaced. In addition to the game jam, we are asking for your help in donating to aid those who are trying to rebuild their lives.

Theme: Hurricanes


  1. Whether you're solo or part of a team, you'll have 72 hours to put together a game.
  2. You don't need to live in the southeast to participate. We hope to raise awareness everywhere!
  3. You may interpret the theme however you want. Anything goes so long as you can tie it to a hurricane.

Want to Donate? Checkout our funraiser on Crowdrise!

#StormJam - Raise money for those affected by Hurricane Matthew! on Crowdrise


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A hurricane diorama
A terrible storm has hit and flooded the town! Use your Rescue Helicopter to save the survivors!
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