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- Stop Motion Game Jam is a jam dedicated to the animation technique Stop Motion. -

- The goal is to produce/emulate a stop motion game within the span of 2 weeks -

Hey there!, I'm your co-host Jacob Peltolawho came up with this crazy idea. I'm an independent game developer with a background in video production who grew up loving movies/games with wacky art-styles. So to commemorate and rekindle our skills for film production we invite you to make a game or visual experience using traditional methods like time-lapse photos, claymation, & classic stop-motion in whatever manner you deem fit! If you're not interested in waiting in line at an arts and crafts store or simply don't want to or have time to do the real thing.. emulating the medium to the best of your abilities is perfectly acceptable and recommended too! We're not looking for authenticity, play-ability, or rankings; the jam's goal is for you to informally learn and use an old animation technique for a game or visual experience and have fun doing so!


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Jamie is an human creature locked in a dream
Give Life - Take Life
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She talks so you don't have to.
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stop motion jam experiment
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Ike and Noonie stomp, crash and shoot their way to victory in this stop-motion inspired gem!