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Calling all Stone Story RPG fans! StoneJam is a week-long event where the objective is to create scripts, mods, addons, and more using Stonescript--Stone Story RPG's in-game scripting language. Be a part of the first ever StoneJam and see how far you can push the boundaries of Stonescript!

What is Stonescript?

Stonescript is a scripting language built into Stone Story RPG, used for modifying the character's AI. Easy to use yet powerful, scripts can be as simple as automating potions if your health gets low or optimizing combat to super-human levels. Stonescript can also be used to manipulate a number of in-game elements, like the UI or player cosmetics. Put your avatar in a flying mecha, give them a fancy hat, or create a dynamic healthbar!

What can I make?

To give you an idea of what's possible, here are some categories that can help you get started:

  • Player Cosmetics
  • Pets
  • UI Mods
  • Boss Skins
  • Grinding Scripts

Some examples of Stonescript in action:

Pallasans by Ofek, with help from John

Tank by Veigar, FlanBi, and standardcombo

Corner Serpent by FlanBi

What do I win?

There are no prizes for this jam, only the thrill of friendly competition. However, the first ten submissions (that aren't just low effort spam entries) will receive a Stone Story RPG button!

How do I submit?

In order to submit your script to StoneJam, you'll need to upload a .txt file containing your work. Here are the submission steps:

  1. At the top of the StoneJam page, select "Submit your Project"
  2. In the popup window select "Upload game"
  3. On the "Edit project" page, use your script's name as the Project's name
  4. In the upload section, upload a .txt file containing your script
  5. In the drop down menu, change the category from "Executable" to "Other"
  6. At the bottom of the page, change "Visibility & access" from "Draft" to "Public"
  7. Return to the StoneJam page, select "Submit your Project"; you should now see your script's name as a project you can submit to the jam (remember to include screenshots!)

Stonescript Resources: 

Quickstart Guide - This writeup gives you an overview of Stonescript's basic functionality, including variables, commands, and operators:

Community Scripts Compilation - The Stone Story RPG community has already made some awesome scripts! Check out the Google Doc to see some examples of how to work with Stonescript and maybe even get inspiration for your own scripts:

If you aren't already on it, come join our Discord server where you can collaborate with other Stone Story fans -

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Concept and Art for Fishing Mini-game
SSRPG Deadwoods Quick Clear StoneJam submission
Felling lonely? this script is for you! (Adds +8 new pets, 1 for each zone)
This script reskins the mushroom forest bosses with a bit of magic (even in 2nd phase !)