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This is a 4-hour long session during which we're going to try coming up with a couple of fun games from scratch using sticky notes. Come along and join in the madness this Saturday in Koramangala!


It doesn't matter if you've never made a game before - in fact if you haven't, this is meant just for you! We'll be splitting into teams on the spot, so don't worry if you don't have a partner or if you don't know anyone else who is coming.


The jam will take place at 11 am on the 15th of August, 2015 at Grubnomic in Koramangala. If you'll be attending in person then please sign up on the Facebook event page and send us a message at least a day in advance confirming that you'll be there so that we can get an idea of how many people to expect. Also, please make sure you bring at least one pad of sticky notes with you! Keep an eye on the event page for further updates.

Get in touch with Mithun Balraj for more details (also @mithunbalraj on Twitter)

Also, yes, we are aware that it is Independence Day in India. If you can't attend, there's always next time.


If you want to participate remotely, submissions will be open for a week after the jam. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Think about the limitations and properties of the medium - sticky notes! They lose their stickiness after some time, are generally short and square, only stick on some materials, etc. Figure out what will work and won't, and build these into your design!
  • You have 4 hours to make a game from when you start brainstorming. Pace yourself and leave plenty of time for iteration!
  • Take into account the number of people playing - the game should work smoothly for the minimum and maximum number of players. Before you dive into the design, lay out what the victory and loss conditions are. Doing this can help serve as anchors through the design process
  • Have fun! You don't have to make the most complex game in the world, but make sure you enjoy the design process and, more than anything else, try to make a game that you would enjoy playing
  • Paper takes a lot of time, energy and trees to make. It's great that we're having fun with it, but as far as possible, try not to waste it - we are encouraging everyone taking part to keep this in mind while designing their games. Reuse paper where possible. Come up with a design before you start sticking notes onto everything. A game which requires a one-time investment of notes is preferable to one in which you have to keep putting more in. And make sure to recycle whatever paper waste you have
  • Feel free to use whatever other materials you want, but remember, it's a sticky note jam, so make sure that sticky notes are core to the experience!


Please upload a text or word document with a description of how to set up your game, the components it requires, and the rules it follows. Pictures would be really helpful as well - both of the setup and the actual gameplay.

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