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seconds is a new collectible trading card game built on the Steem blockchain.  You own your cards!

The game is a drafting game where you choose your adventuring party and they fight another party.  It's like fantasy football, but emphasis on the fantasy.  You're picking tanks, healers, dps, and assassins to kill the other team, win the tournament and be a rockstar earning glory and riches (weekly tournaments worth at least $1,000).

Anyway, we're looking to grow the Steem ecosystem and attract game developers who want to build games and maybe even have them connect to blockchain.  That'd be sweet.  We're also open to just normal games.  Honestly, we're just trying to market and promote this thing and think that dangling $1k of crypto and rewards will make some folks want to participate.

Winner receives a gold foil legendary card currently worth around $700-800.  Second and third prize will get $200 in crypto and $100 in crypto respectively.

You can find me on steemit at
You can find us on Discord through
You can find the site at

Now with Partners AND BONUS LOOT!

That's right.  We've teamed up with 3 great partners on the Steem Blockchain.

1. Utopian-io - An open source support community.  Games that are opensourced will be eligible for prizes between $100-200.  Multiple teams can be rewarded.  They'll judge the best open sources games submitted!  Rewards will be redeemed by making a post about your contribution on the Steem Blockchain and they'll upvote the post in the $100-200 range.

2.  Blocktrades - Blocktrades is a program that makes converting between different cryptocurrencies easy.  They have stated their willingness to support some of the winning projects.  Similar to utopian-io winners will receive large upvotes after making  a post detailing their project.

3. Steemgg - Steemgg is an HTML 5 gaming platform that's Steem centric.  It's a bridge between the Steem ecosystem and the gaming community.  They are sponsoring a special prize pool for games built in HTML5 that are uploaded on the Steemgg server.  They are pledging $500 worth of crypto to winners of the HTML section.

If you don't know anything about blockchains don't sweat it.  Steemit makes it easy.  Think of the steem blockchain as a big fat database and you just have to use mostly standard api calls to ping it.  It's designed for web developers to keep web developing rather than forcing you to learn specialized languages for smart contracts first.

Anyway, this community is always looking for devs and people that can make cool shit.  If that's you then you might even find some steady gig work making stuff you love while earning crypto or building a cool app that makes you hundreds of thousands of dollars in two months (that's what we did).

We need at least 20 teams to enter or this may not run.

You can find the art files you might want to use for the game here:!dLI3CYaT!8ufmf4sWlQQkiAMfB9Ixgw