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Startit Game Jam #1

This is a local as well as a global event.  Both local and global events will be held at the same time. Local events will be held in 6 cities across Serbia: Belgrade, Valjevo, Vrsac, Indjia, Novi Sad and Zrenjanin (if you are near or want to participate locally feel free to come). In each of these cities, Startit organization provided us with their centres, which we will be using as a hacking space for 48 hoursStartit is part of SEE ICT organization that started in 2012 with a goal to embrace IT community in Serbia. This is the first game jam organized by this organization with the help of Indiestellar NGO.


EDIT: The themes are DEATH and WESTERN

Two themes will be chosen randomly at the beginning of the jam. Participants that will joins us in one of the local centers will propose a theme beforehand, which we will gather in a  jam jar.  For global participants the themes will be published here as soon as they are chosen!


There are no other rules besides sticking to the one of the themes or go wild and merge them into one!

Enjoy! And be creative!


How many people per team?

There is no limitation on team member count.

Which technologies can be used?

You can use any technology you want, no limitations.

Can we use some other content like assets or libs?

You can use any assets, any code base you want. Thing is that you should not start jam with half done game. After all this is a challenge to create game in 48h

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A small endless runner game made in Vrsac, Serbia during the Startit Game Jam session.
Death Note inspired western themed typing game
In Soviet Russia squat kills you
Follow death on his quest for lost souls and tequilla!
Grim reaper has retired and has decided to be a gardener
Lost in universe, lonely cowboy Voja the Biceps is searching for new wild adventures!
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Game made for the Startit Game Jam. Themes were Death and Western.