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Starter Village Jam is a celebration of all the hometown tropes commonly found in video game and table top RPGs and fiction, especially those in the fantasy and adventure genres. This jam welcomes all genres and formats, and encourages personal interpretations of the theme as well as well-labeled/content-flagged work intended for mature audiences, though obviously irrelevant and/or deliberately hateful submissions will be removed. Basically, have fun and don't be a creep!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some things you can make for this jam:

  • background music and sound effects that evoke starter villages
  • character, background, and map art of favorite or original starter villages
  • assets and models of things like small homes, turf tiles, and crude/toy/beginner versions of gear
  • bitsy, twine, and ren'py mini-games set entirely within a single "starter" location
  • lyric games and instructions for tabletop play set entirely within a single "starter" location
  • flash fiction, poetry chapbooks, and mini-comics about, inspired by, or set within a starter village
  • tarot card schema where all the suits are now types of shopkeepers and magical/animal helpers
  • a roguelike but instead of dungeons it's your hometown, for better or worse
  • and so on and so forth!

This is a non-ranked jam without winners or losers. That said, the hosts (sissyfist and subalterngames) are obsessed with what can only be described as "big starter village energy" and are likely to highlight entries we find particularly exciting on this page and on social media-- between the two of us we have a special love for maps, sound design, point-and-click, critters/creatures/beastsies, and experimental shenanigans.

Update - By request, we've made a Discord server for this jam:


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You have died and woken up in the city of Dredgeburg, a twisted city of the Underworld!
a random table of lost loves
A Storytelling Game about Saying Goodbye
A story driven JRPG about a young girl Yi as she travels all cross Lolaura.
Role Playing
Nice music for a nice town at the beginning of your game.
An exploration Bitsy game that reflects my current status.
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A one-shot tabletop game about cooperation & relationships in a sleepy town
A very good tune for a starter village.
A very short Bitsy about a little roach named Nudnik who is having a weird day
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Everyone's a part of someone else's story.
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Small Starting Village Game
A game about exploring your town.
Interactive Fiction
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My Lovely Starter Village
ha join my game
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