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~Join our community to meet other individuals wishing to create games as part of a team!~


Do you remember that special feeling you had as a child when you explored fantastical worlds and became an intrepid adventurer? That star like glitter in your eye when you looked at something truly enchanting is what the community Stareye Atlas is all about! Welcome to our first game jam!

Gamejam Schedule:

We will be hosting streams and other online activities to support jammers in meeting and sharing. This list will be updated over time. All times listed in Pacific time zone.

  • June 17th:  Team Forming!
  • June 18th:  Jam kickoff!  Theme announcement!
  • June 24th:   Pat yourself on the back, the submission time is now over.
  • June 25th:  The submitted games are voted on by the public.
  • July 1st:  The winning games for all the categories are announced.


Everyone has had a hard time getting ahold of the correct information for this jam, as such, the theme for this game jam is "Hidden Information"!  What you don't know won't hurt you...or will it?  Hidden information is all around us, why not play into that?  Make heavy use of what your players don't know, and how they can learn hidden information in gameplay!

Stareye Atlas is a community that was created with the intention to provide the world a space within which people from all branches of game development and related fields could gather together, share, learn, and grow. Our community is composed of members from all fields related to game development and more! 

Everyone deserves to feel and enjoy that special feeling we have all felt. To share, grow and learn is our goal. We hope that everyone who participates in this game jam will continue our tradition by carrying this philosophy, and by bringing happiness and meaningfulness to everyone around them.

1. This is a ranked jam WITHOUT any prizes! Well of course you will get a super duper prestigious role in our Discord and you will also be featured on our community's webpage! You'll also get access to our super secret chat channel which only previous competition or game jam winners have access to! You will be able to look back fondly on this experience as well as having a full game with your name attached to it!

2. You don't have to be in a team to join! You can go solo or not. There's no limit to how many team members you can have.

3. The theme vote will be announced 1 day before the jam starts. Once the theme suggestions go live, members of our community will be able to vote on the available themes. 24 hours later the winning theme will be announced and the game jam will begin.   

4. It is encouraged that you create the assets (visual, audio, code) to be used in your game. You are allowed to use other assets as long as you have the right to use them. Make sure to properly credit the stuff inside your game! During submission, please indicate the external assets you've used in the designated field.

5. You can use any game engine you want. You can even create your own!

6. Your game must be made within the time constraints of the jam. Updates are not allowed during the voting period. Feel free to update as much as you want before and after the voting period starts. I also encourage working more on your game after the jam!

7. You're allowed to have more than one entry but it's advised to stick to one and concentrate on polishing it.

8. The game you make must be free for people to have easy access to it. You could always put a price on it after the jam but I do encourage enabling the donation/support feature in your game page!

9. Voting is open to the public. People would be able to rate your game based on relevance to the theme, concept, gameplay, presentation, and immersion during the one-week voting period.

10. NSFW content is not allowed. Be mindful of what you put in your game!

11. Share, learn , grow and be creative, but most importantly have fun and spread the happiness!!


o There are no visual or audio requirements per say, but this category will be used to judge the game submission's audio and visual quality. 
Does the game feel and look polished? Does the art present a coherent style? Is the audio used in the game fitting?


o How interesting is the game idea and what makes it special or worth noticing/playing?


o How well are the mechanics of the game executed and how well does the gameplay correlate with game idea being presented?


o Did the game deliver a message if any? What life lessons were taught? Is the game fun if it was intended to be fun? What emotions were involved in the game?


· Development : The resources site from the people behind GameFromScratch, a good way to first get into game development. : A lot of info and tutorials about Level Design and Game Environment Art, use the search feature and you'll find a lot of good resources.

Bitsy - Low-res game maker

GB Studio - Visual game builder that allows you to make real Game Boy ROMs

Pixelbox.js - Create 2D games in JavaScript - Godot Engine first game tutorial series Free popular game engine that you can use to make your game! Another free game engine that you can use to make your game!

· Visual

Lospec - You can find palettes, tutorials, and tools here for making pixel/voxel art!

Pixel Logic - In-depth pixel art tutorial book

Aseprite - Animated sprite editor and pixel art tool

Pyxel Edit - Pixel art editor

Sprytile - Blender add-on for building tile based low-poly scenes with paint/map editor like tools

GraphicsGale - Free animation graphic editor

Piskel - Free online sprite editor - Name speaks for itself. - A huge number of quality icons for your game UI/UX components. amazing free painting software

· Audio : Just reached 500k free sounds, speed got a lot better, great SFX source. : Lower amount of sounds and harder to search through, but a good game-focused sound effects source.

Petaporon - Minimalistic piano roll sequencer

BeepBox - Online chiptune melody maker

Bosca Ceoil - Free and easy-to-use music maker - neat tool to make chiptunes audio editing tool




A note from the hosts

Hey everyone we just recently finished our first game jam! With around 250 participants, 27 entries and around 350 ratings, we thought that we should host another game jam to keep the momentum going and introduce the wonderful world of game development to even more people! With that said, we also decided to extend the game jam duration from one week to two weeks. Hopefully this will give beginner game developers more time to create their games and should help everyone relax a bit!

If you've never written a line of code, or never done any game development, do not fret! We have thousands of members in our community that would be more than happy to help guide you on your journey and provide help to those in need. We will be hosting many events to help everyone from learning how to code, to meeting new people and creating game jam teams, so don't be shy and pop by.
After all, that's the point of game jams! To meet new people, make friends, and most important of all, have fun making games!


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