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Are you ready to create the next big hit in the mobile game industry? Then you have come to the right place. Participate in StareOutGames' Hyper casual game jam and create something new, something innovative and something addictive.  In one week you must use all your coding skills, your imagination and your artistic creativity to build a unique casual experience catered to mobile devices. You can work solo or form a team. The winner of the Jam will receive a cash price worth INR 10,000. The second place will receive a prize of INR 5,000 while the 3rd place will get a cash prize of INR 2500! And the best part? If we love your submission then you will get a chance to work with us at StareOutGames to create the next big hit. So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and free all your plans for the week cause it's time to create games!

The rules of the Jam are as follows:

1. The submissions must be a hyper-casual/casual game made for mobile devices.

2. The game's orientation should be portrait.

3. The game must be 3D. You can submit 2D/2.5D games but 3D will be given more preference. 

4. The game must  be made in Unity or Buildbox and the submission should preferably be an APK, but you can submit any other working format.

6. Incomplete games or games with minor bugs are accepted. We can evaluate your potential from an incomplete game. So don't stress if you cannot finish the game in time or are stuck on fixing a bug. But make sure that your submission is playable. 

7. You can work solo or form a team. You may use any assets that you need from the Unity Asset store.

5. The winners will be selected solely by StareOutGames. The result will be final and binding.

The winners will be announced on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page on October 1st. Follow all our social media pages to stay updated.
The reward will be transferred to your preferred bank account. For further questions you can open a thread in the community tab of this page.

Best of luck to all participating developers!

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Being a jackhammer you feel this need to destroy stuff. Make sure you destroy every last one of them!
Collect Gifts - Earn points (Play In Portrait)
Randomly generated - endless game prototype, in a future is going to be in the AppStore!
A hypercasual mobile game made for Stareout Game's Hypercasual Game Jam #1
explosive fly: dragons v/s fairy
Escape the prison!
A infinite-runner create to StareOutGames Hypercasual GameJam #1
Dive as a penguin into the arctic!
Play in browser
Time for Christmas.Make sure you give gifts to as many houses as possible avoiding the enemies
Time stopping knife throwing game.
A table tennis game with a twist.
ease your mind and enjoy smashing things with a huge hammer.
Throw the ball on tiles in this endless game