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"WOOW! This is delicious! What is this?"
"Oh, that's Ma's good ol' sofa jam."
"Wait..I'm eating sofa.."

Standing On The Shoulders Of Jam
          n. An acutely humorous display of defiance.

Note: This jam has been updated to better fit our communities' needs! I've come to realilze there's no need to limit the submission process to two weeks if the jam continues for three weeks after. The real reason for the submission time limit was to give us a way to compare an early version of a game with the final submission, and take a look at all the neat progress! I've decided that since this jam is a jam about continuing work from other jams, we can just link to the submission from the old jam and compare with that!

This is a jam for post-jam projects. Do you have something you want to work on more, but miss the jam experience?
This is the place for it!

We prioritize not on a shared theme, but on a shared sense of motivation!
We're here to help each other!

In your submission, link to your submission for the jam you're coming from (if you managed to submit).
Or just mention the jam name!

Tweet with #StandingOnTheSofaJam and our resident bird-bot will collect it all and update the feed on this page!

- Submission Questions -

Link to the previous jam submission this project is from: (Or just link to the jam if you couldn't submit in time)

What motivated you through getting this project finished the most? (Optional)

How do you think we can encourage compassion and good health within the creative indie game community? (Optional; but, important!)

- Voting Criteria -

Improvement Since Previous Jam Entry

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Stealthy smash platformer as a slime. NEW LEVEL EDITOR!!!
Play in browser
A small minigame
Prune trees like a Ninja.
An infinite running game
a short puzzle game made for a game jam.