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"WOOW! This is delicious! What is this?"
"Oh, that's Ma's good ol' sofa jam."
"Wait..I'm eating sofa.."

Standing On The Shoulders Of Jam
          n. An acutely humorous display of defiance.

This is a Jam for post-jam projects. Do you have something you want to work on more, but miss the jam experience?
This is the place for it!

We prioritize not on a shared theme, but on a shared sense of motivation!
We're here to help each other!

This game jam is entirely focused on the community aspect of game development!
Submissions for this jam are open for three weeks.
But voting lasts THREE!
You can think of submitting an entry more as your entry for a three week community experience!

So what does this community experience mean?

It means, hey! Tweet us gifs of your game! Use your tweets as a devlog! Tweet with #StandingOnTheSofaJam on your gifs. And most importantly, click that hashtag often and go COMMENT on others' tweets. That's the most important part!It's more important than submitting a game to this jam! If you do that well, it means you've succeeded. Voting lasts THREE WEEKS. Why? Because you're encouraged to keep tweeting and communicating well after the submission ends! In fact, Motivational Tweeter Moxie is a voting criteria! Be supportive and encouraging! (the other criteria is 100% "i like it")

Commenting Guidelines
Don't worry about the ratings, be genuine with your comments!
Find something that you like in particular about a screenshot / gif / doodle, or something you're curious about, or if you just want to show support, that's fine too! But don't feel obligated to comment for the sake of commenting. It's all about the authentic support!

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a short puzzle game made for a game jam.
A small minigame
An infinite running game