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Triangle Agency

Welcome, Agents!

Triangle Agency exists across many realities, and field teams can be dispatched anywhere to capture and contain Anomalies. This game jam is for crossovers with Triangle Agency and other systems, settings, and game mechanics as we head into our Kickstarter campaign this summer. 

We want to bring together the community we're joining, create a place to celebrate the similarities and differences of systems across the modern indie TTRPG space, and showcase a new game we think is pretty cool. Join us in making reality a more stable (or maybe more chaotic, depending on the game) place!

This jam starts on March 3 and goes until July 6, 2023. Tons of time to get involved.

We Mean All Realities

The Triangle Agency design team has partnered with other TTRPG creators to release crossover adventures, playable in both systems, every month! You might play as Agents exploring familiar settings, or as characters from other games getting caught up in an Agency mission. Every adventure is playable with the Delta Test, and will be compatible with the full game when it is released. 

But the heart of the jam is what you'll make! Note that your entry doesn't have to be an adventure. You could, for example:

  • Create an Agent character type in your own game
  • Write new ARC pieces to build your world's characters in Triangle Agency
  • Clarify rules for running an Anomaly in your setting
  • Write the Agency as a faction into your world
  • Allow Agents to use your system's mechanics while hunting Anomalies
  • Show how your favorite public domain characters might show up as Relationships

You're welcome to sell your work, and there's no length requirement on submissions. Our dream is that people who like TA will be inspired to pick up your game after trying the crossover, and vice-versa!

What can I use?

On the first day of the Jam, we're publishing a short design document of mechanics, terms, and situations on the Delta Test page. All mechanics and characters listed in the Delta Test and this document are free to use, commercially or casually, in this or any other project. Please do not copy or use artwork or large chunks of text from either document without direct permission from Haunted Table or the artist.

In addition, the new document has two badges you can use with your project: "Compatible with Triangle Agency" and "Created for the Stabilize All Realities Jam." Both are encouraged, but neither are required on your creation.

We're also around any time to talk, collaborate, brainstorm, or discuss lore. Reach out on Twitter or on Discord! There's a special channel there for SARJ participants and promotion.

3 Prizes

Because we're crowdfunding Triangle Agency later this year, our prize distribution is dependent on that campaign's success. We'll be picking 3 contributors at random to give a TA-themed prize pack, which will be delivered alongside our campaign's fulfillment. 

To qualify for the prize, please abide by the following rules and guidelines in both your submissions and engagement:

  • No hateful, harmful, or discriminatory language or content.
  • No calls for violence or discrimination against marginalized communities. Triangle Agency makes frequent use of unreliable narrators and dangerous perspectives, but your game should not use satire as a shield for publishing hateful language.
  • Triangle Agency is a game intended for adults with some tense/stressful/horror-related themes. If particularly sensitive elements are included in your work, we recommend including content warnings.
  • No IP theft or copyright infringement -- you must own or invent any content used that isn't free to use (i.e. properly attributed using a Creative Commons license, or in the Public Domain).
  • Submissions must connect to Triangle Agency in some way.
  • Prizes are not chosen by voting, rankings, or popular opinion. Please focus on being supportive when commenting on other people's work.

"Official" Crossovers

We'll list the entries created by the Triangle Agency team in partnership with other creators here. They don't qualify for prizes, but they're a great place to start if you're looking for inspiration!

Out Now: 

You're In Space and Everything's Perfectly Fine

YOU'RE IN SPACE AND EVERYTHING'S PERFECTLY FINE with Dinoberry Press (Check out their Kickstarter campaign here!)

One Night at the Shelterwood Inn with Goblin Archives and Unenthuser!

Coming Soon:

THREE'S COMPANY with MegaCorp Games

Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast x Triangle Agency with Possum Creek Games

We look forward to playing with you!

Images used in the banner, from left to right then top to bottom, provided by: Unsplash, Dinoberry Press, Goblin Archives, Dinoberry Press,, Dinoberry Press, diachedelic on GitHub, Haunted Table, KeganExe, Foresight Studio, Unsplash, Foresight Studio, MegaCorp, Oddity Roadshow (art by Sarah Gobble), Possum Creek Games, Goblin Archives, Colin Spacetwinks, Ryan Kingdom, Possum Creek Games, Dinoberry Press, Unsplash, Unsplash, Nathan Rhodes, Unsplash,, Dinoberry Press, Unsplash


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