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Let's make Narrative games!

The Creative Theme is "Doomsday"

Join us in our Opening Event on July 10th in person and Closing Showcase Stream at!
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A word on Narrative games:

  • Make a game that focuses on story, character, world, and the interaction between those elements! Try your hand at a dialogue-focused experience, put some time into making deep characters, work themes into your game's plot that might speak to players, or focus on a short story that elicits emotion. Your game does not have to be writing-based or text-only: your challenge is to introduce narrative elements into a game idea that you normally wouldn't pursue.
  • Vault, Dream Knight, FIN, Gay Tarot Date Fantasy Legend, Postamiga, and EYE: A Murder Mystery Generatorare good examples of past PIGSquad community projects that focus on narrative.     

Jam Schedule:

We will be hosting streams and other online activities to support jammers in meeting and sharing. This list will update over time. All times listed in Pacific time zone.

Rules & More Details:

  • Non-Portlanders are welcome to participate remotely.
  • Follow PIGSquad on social media channels for consistent updates on team forming, events, workshops, and other opportunities. Tweet at @PIGSquad with your progress and we'd love to share!
  • If you'd like to contribute to the jam theme, suggesting & voting is exclusive to our Patreon members - learn more here!
  • All participants, in person or remote, must follow PIGSquad's Code of Conduct. As a general rule, please keep entries "PG-13" or younger - no nsfw content.
  • Do not police submissions or make fun of / talk down on jam submissions or jammers' ideas in PIGSquad channels or otherwise. Our goal as a community is to uplift creative collaboration and learning.
  • We encourage you to jam with new people or on a team, but it is not required. We will be providing resources for team forming at the jam kickoff and throughout the jam timeline for those who want to jam based on the theme.
  • This jam is not a competition and is not judged.
  • Please don't crunch! We host game jams over extended periods of time and like having open conversations with jammers about scoping projects to encourage a healthy outlook on creative production schedules. If you need help scoping, please reach out!
  • Jammers retain full ownership of the games they make during PIGSquad jams.
  • Late submissions or submission updates can be accepted - just get in touch with an organizer. Please note that games must be updated on your itch page multiple days before the showcase if you'd like the updated version of your game to be played at the jam showcase. You are welcome to update your game at any point after your jam submission regardless of when the showcase is.
  • Sticking to the theme is encouraged, but not mandatory - if you have an idea you'd like to pursue that branches from the theme, we encourage you to make that game!
  • We will be removing spam submissions from the entries that are clearly submission bombing to multiple jams or otherwise.
  • Thanks to Marlowe and Alex for creating our header art! Follow Marlowe's Twitter at and check out Alex's work at

We have a new "How To Jam" guide if you'd like some great recommendations for how to spend your time and make the most out of the event :)

PIGSquad "How To Jam" Guide

Summer Slow Jams:

Each summer, game makers get together to make a game project with friends and community members in a few weeks! Summer Slow Jams is a collection of game jam events happening once a month this summer, providing structure and networking opportunities for creatives in Portland and remote participants. Participate in a jam to finish a creative project, learn new things, meet new people, and share your work!

Creative themes are delivered during each kick off event then shared online, and developers are able to showcase their game jam projects at each closing event in Portland, OR (or online). In between the dates of the kick off and closing showcase, you are encouraged to meet up with others using online channels to complete a game over whatever in-jam time period you see fit: take it slow if you need!

For more information about how to participate in Summer Slow Jams, visit Summer Slow Jams this year include Idle Games in June, Narrative Games in July, and Crafting Games in August.

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