Submissions open from 2019-06-19 03:00:00 to 2019-06-29 23:00:00
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Let's make Arcade Games!

The Creative Theme for this jam is being determined by PIGSquad donors - you can suggest and vote on themes by supporting at!
Join us at our Opening Event on June 18th and Closing Showcase on June 29th in Portland, OR!

A word on Arcade Games:

Summer Slow Jams:

Each summer, game makers get together to make a game project with friends and community members in just over a week! Summer Slow Jams is a collection of game jam events happening once a month this summer, providing structure and networking opportunities for creatives in Portland and remote participants. Participate in a jam to finish a creative project, learn new things, meet new people, and share your work!

Creative themes are delivered during each kick off event then shared online, and developers are able to showcase their game jam projects at each closing event in Portland, OR. In between the dates of the kick off and closing showcase, you are encouraged to meet up with others at public places or using online channels to complete a game over whatever in-jam time period you see fit: take it slow if you need!

For more information about how to participate in Summer Slow Jams, visit! Other Summer Slow Jams this year include 3-Button, 3-Color and Edutainment.

More details!

  • You do not have to be present to participate in the jams!
  • Follow PIGSquad on social media channels for consistent updates on events, workshops, and other opportunities.
  • You may use pre-existing tools to make games, but please start your jam at the official jam start date after the Creative Theme is revealed.
  • Jammers retain full ownership of the games they make during Summer Slow Jams.
  • If you'd like to participate in choosing the creative themes for each jam, voting is exclusive to our Patreon members - learn more here!
  • Late submissions or submission updates can be accepted - just get in touch with an organizer.
  • All participants, in person or remote, must follow PIGSquad's Code of Conduct.
  • Extra special thanks to Bynine and Marlowe for assisting with Summer Slow Jams art!

Tweet with the hashtag #summerslowjams and PIGSquad will retweet screenshots, video uploads, and blog posts of jam games while you're working on your games!

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